I'm always super flattered and honored whenever anyone asks me to create something meaningful to them with my pen and ink. I love working with people and want to make sure everything runs extra smooth, so I hope this list of frequently asked questions helps when you're pondering your calligraphy wants and needs. If you have any other questions, feel free to visit my "Say Hello" page and ask me there! I'll respond as quick as I can.

Your writing looks a different than what I imagined "calligraphy" as. Is there a reason?

Calligraphy in general is such a broad term. The type of calligraphy I do is considered "modern". This isn't your typical (amazing) copperplate lettering (or the many, many other forms). This is my unique style put to paper with pen and ink. I hope you enjoy it!

How long will it take to address my envelopes?

I can crank out anywhere from 25-50 a day depending on my workload. I generally prefer at least 3 weeks to get your envelopes done, but I do offer rush if I can allow it. Contact me to see if I can fit you in on my calendar.

Can you design my invitation/menu/write out my vows/write out what I had for lunch today?

Absolutely! I dabble in all of these things. I offer invitation design as well as the design of your entire wedding or event suite! This includes special touches such as envelope liners, table numbers, place cards, etc. I also do things a la carte. For example, maybe you just want me to only do your envelopes, or only do your menu. I take orders of any size. You name it, I can write it for you.

Do you offer rush service?

Depends on my workload, but normally, with a surcharge, yes I do. Contact me for specifics, and if it's a tight deadline, drop what you're doing now and call me! Just kidding. But seriously...I accept texts as well. :)

How much do you charge?

For envelope addressing, the base charge is $3 per envelope. Inner envelopes are $1 each. Design services will vary, contact me for specifics!

Do you charge more for a specific style I request on an envelope?

Nope! It will still be in my handwriting, but I can design your envelopes however you'd like. Want the address to be written differently than the names? Want the names to be HUGE and the address to be tiny? Want everything to run on a curved line? I will totally adapt to whatever you think is best for your special day.

I want to use orange/pink/gold/blue ink on my envelopes. Can you do this? Do you charge?

I've written in many ink colors! Any custom color can be made, from light pink to lime green. It is an additional $20 for a custom ink color besides black.

How do I get my envelopes/seating cards etc. to you?

If you are from Dallas, I'd be happy to schedule a time to meet you and pick them up. If you are from out of town, you can ship them directly here and I will ship them back once they are finished at your cost. Also note that it's very smart to use tracking and insurance; these babies are special, we don't want to risk them getting lost!

In what format should my addresses be given to you?

Microsoft Word documents are the best option here. I would prefer it if the Names and addresses were stacked as follows (you can use columns to save room if you'd like):



City, State, Zip Code

It's really difficult to follow along the lines of a spreadsheet that was made in Microsoft Excel. This is much easier to keep track of and it is way harder to make mistakes! If you have inner envelopes, a separate document would be appreciated. Please write out things exactly as you would like them to be written. I will write out the names of states typically, but if you want them abbreviated, just use TX instead of Texas. This also goes for things such as "Apt. 405" vs. "Apartment 405" or "#356" vs. "No. 356" or "Number 356". This helps tremendously. Don't worry, I'll remind you if I see that your files need work!

Can you create a custom return address stamp for me?

Gladly! I'd be more than happy to. Custom stamps can be used for many things even after a special event. The charge for this is $60.

Do you offer custom work on chalk boards, seating boards, etc.?

Yes! Please contact me for specific details.